Ozone Pool Systems

Ozone systems are somewhat new to the market. The main idea behind these systems is to lower chlorine levels to a minimum or eliminating them all together as this has been a long-standing complaint of many swimmers. For homeowners that are looking to go the green route, an Ozonator has been a hot item for many new and existing swimming pools. Ozone reduces chloro-organic byproducts and can replace chlorine in a swimming pool. It is the single healthiest and most eco-friendly choice for use in municipal, commercial or private pools.

The Ozonator!

Sanitation systems are constantly evolving and the Ozonator is a prime example of this. Ozone is a great option to help sanitize the pool. Ozone does almost exactly what chlorine does, but typically way better! These systems are said to be smaller, more efficient and produce more sanitizing power. All these factors have contributed to make these systems more attractive to homeowners. You may not be able to completely remove chlorine, but you can see up to 90 percent in drastic reductions.

Easy Installation

Installation is easy and you can either upgrade the system you have now or include it in your new swimming pool construction timeline. When it comes to the type of system one installs, this depends on the space you have. For limited space, you can go the route of a stainless steel self contained unit or for those that have more space you can hook it up directly to the wall. Price varies, but there is an option for everyone. Make sure to reach out to one of our experienced members of our sales team today to learn if this is a good option for you!