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Perimeter Overflow Pools

Perimeter overflow pools combine the visual interest of an art installation with the functionality of a traditional backyard swimming pool. Similar to a vanishing edge pool, the water level is high enough to overflow the walls of the pool.

While the water only overflows on one side of a vanishing edge pool, perimeter overflow pools allow water to overflow all the way around. Therefore, a catch basin must be built into the design around the entire perimeter.

Why Have Just a Pool When You Could Have a Wonderland?

Types of Perimeter Overflow Pools

Deck-level perimeter overflow pools allow the water to meet the edge of the pool deck. This creates a “reflective pool” effect like a sheet of glass reflecting the sky. When the water is completely level with the surrounding surface, a tranquil ambiance is created that has a very contemporary feel.

Designer Rock Work and Waterfalls Add Dimension to Your Yard

Another approach to the perimeter overflow pool is to incorporate a partial above ground wall lined with marble or reflective tiles. As the water flows over the edge of the walls, it cascades over the outer wall down into the catch basin and is recycled back into the pool. This gives a waterfall effect all around the perimeter of the pool, creating an artistic focal point for your yard.

The striking beauty of a perimeter overflow pool will not only raise your spirits but also your property value. This sleek, high-end look can transform your yard into a luxurious oasis. Learn more about the design and construction of perimeter overflow pools by contacting Treasure Pools today at (561) 793-1550 or 800-281-SWIM.