How do I select the right pool builder?

Choosing a professional pool builder is the most important part of starting the process of building a pool.  Here are a few things to consider.

  • What is the company’s reputation in the community?
  • Do you know a friend or neighbor who has used the same company with good results? If not, can the company provide you with dozens of reliable references or customer report cards?
  • How does the company treat you as a potential customer?
  • How long has the company been in business, and how long have they been building in your area?
  • How many pools have they built?
  • Will the company provide you with a clear written estimate so that you’re not confused about what work will be done?
  • Will they finish the project on time?
  • Is the company in good standing with your local Building Department, the State Department of Consumer Affairs and/or Contractor’s Board?
  • Will the company add hidden charges after the construction process has begun?
  • Is the company financially stable so that there is no risk that you’ll be left with an unfinished pool if they go out of business?
  • Will the company be careful to remove or take care of landscaping and other outdoor structures?
  • Will they keep your property clean and safe throughout the construction process?
What Are The Financing Options?

Our pay as you go financing option allows homeowners to build their swimming pool when they are ready. This financing option was created simply to ease the swimming pool construction process as getting a loan through a bank has become more and more difficult. This policy consists of a small initial deposit to cover engineering and permits costs, and then the construction is divided into three phases. At the successful completion and inspection of each phase, payment will be requested.

How long will it take for my pool to be complete?

At Treasure Pools and Service, we generally complete our customers’ new swimming pool construction in 90 days once the custom design has been approved. Once we visit your property, analyze the project, develop a 3D drawing that includes all the desired options of the homeowner, we will provide a timeline with an estimated completion date. Of course the schedule can change depending upon weather and inspection delays.

What type of permitting do I need?

When hiring your swimming pool contractor, it is important that you trust in them and their company completely as there are many components from the back-end that a homeowner must ensure are done correctly and legally so that there are no repercussions. One of these important things is swimming pool permits. When building a swimming pool, not only do you have permits from the state and city, but also your Home Owners Association (HOA). Our team ensures that this process is easy and you fully understand all components to building our pool.

How do I know if my pool fence satisfies local legislation requirements?

When you purchase a fence, choose a product that is designed and manufactured in compliance with safety guidelines. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has published a document to help choose a safety fence. Find the latest information from the CPSC.

I have a small and difficult yard to work with. Can I still have a pool?

When designing your new swimming pool, there are so many things to keep in mind. One of the main components to consider is the space of your backyard area. Treasure Pools works with you to create a completely customizable pool to fit into your backyard space. However, if an in-ground swimming pool is not an option due to limited space, then there are other paths a homeowner can take!

Why do I need a site plan when designing my pool?

The City Building Department may require a site plan to be submitted with your application for the permit along with the swimming pool plans. It must show all property lines, any structures and the proposed swimming pool or spa. It has to be to scale and dimensioned. It also has to show other details such as your fence, gates, electric and gas meter location.

Can a Spa be Added to a Pool After is it Built?

Yes! One of the best pool area remodeling projects is the addition of a hot tub. Hydrotherapy, or warm water therapy in the hot tub, consists of three main healing ingredients; heat, buoyancy, and massage. Together, they create an experience that is both relaxing and healthy. Hot tub hydrotherapy on a regular basis provides physical health benefits that go much deeper than just relaxation and pleasure.

What are some ways that I can remodel my pool area to add value to my home?

There are many special touches that a builder can add to your pool that enhance the backyard environment and create a relaxing retreat from the everyday world while adding value to your home. Adding waterfalls, fountains, rock formations (using both natural and realistic faux rocks), lighting, pavers, outdoor kitchens, and spas can make a significant addition to any pool area for both a beautiful visual landscape as well as added home value.

What are some ways that I can update/remodel my pool area to make it current?

Whether you’ve had your swimming pool from its original installation or if you’ve just purchased a home with a swimming pool, you may be in the market for a remodel. A swimming pool remodel can encompass updating pool tiles and the surrounding deck and patio area, installing energy saving swimming pool pump systems, refurbishing cracked or stained gunite or adding lighting or a hot tub area.

Have other questions? Contact us and our experienced staff will be able to help you!

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